Dark Reign 2 Game

System Requirement:
CPU: 733MHz 
RAM: 256MB 
VGA Card: 32MB
Password – www.fullypcgames.com

Dark Reign 2 installation guide:

First off,downlaod the dr2 game zip and setup file.

Then open the dr2 file and delete the setup file that in it.Just the file that says SETUP…

With the dr2 folder open…drag the setup zip u downloaded and place it in the folder…

Open the setup zip you downloaded from me and look for the icon that looks like a computer with a box next to it…It’s called setup { go figure } .

Thats it! It wil begin to install. For those of you who need a key…

OK…next is the patches

Ther are only two patches,1.1 and 1.3 so stop asking what happened to or where can i get 1.2

This is the best and easiest way to run them…First of all…the game has to be OFF when you apply the patches.When you download the patches click “save as” then pick C: drive/Program files/Dark Reign 2 then hit save.This will put them in the folder so you can find them.
Then open the 1.1 patch first…and run it…then open the 1.3 patch and run that one. If you get an error message saying you already have a version of it running and it wouldn’t run…You have the patches elsewhere on your comp.You will need to locate them and delete them…Don’t ask where they are because I didn’t download them,you did.

Now for the mega map pack…
It’s a rar file so you need WinRar to open it…When you go to download it click “save as” then pick C:/ drive…program files…dr2…missions…multiplayer then hit save
once its done there will be just the one file in there…right click on it and hit extract to…then a popup will come up and choose dr2 missions multiplayer

start the game and let the killing begin enjoy

Updated: September 8, 2014 — 5:15 am

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