FIFA 2008 Game

1. open “Fifa 08” (which u downloaded from this site)
2. then extract all the files in a folder (we will say this folder as main folder) e.g.
c:\fifa 08\ (extract here or ur choise )3. then open “RipForGames1.7z” in main folder and extract all the files in main folder
c:\fifa 08\RipForGames1.7z4. then open “RipForGames2.7z” and again extract all the files except “data” folder
c:\fifa 08\RipForGames2.7z5. then go into data folder which is in main folder

i.e. c:\fifa 08\data

6. and u will see there are some zip files named “RipForGames1.7z” “RipForGames2.7z” “RipForGames3.7z”
all u need to do is extract all the files from these zip folder to same data folder i.e. c:\fifa 08\data\

7. then go to main folder (i.e. c:\fifa 08\ ) and open “RipForGames2.7z” and then open “data” folder inside it then cmn then fe
and extract those files to c:\fifa 08\data\cmn\fe\

8. and after doing this go to the main folder ( i.e. c:\fifa 08\ )
and run SETUP.reg and then click yes

then open game “FIFA08” and enjoy :>)
and also thanks admin for this game :)

Updated: October 8, 2016 — 7:51 am